Telecom Resource: Common Sense Management

Whether its basic telecom or complex enterprises services, the Telecom industry operates in an environment that:

  • Continues to introduce new technology.
  • Is prone to modifying the ground rules for procuring, supporting and pricing its services.
  • Employs product specific experts that might know the competitors offering but have no incentive to help you differentiate what’s available in the broader market.
  • Encourages sales reps to push what’s “hot” not what you need.
  • Continues to degrade its “day 2” support – Help desk support is no longer a priority.
  • Continues to increase the costs of providing service.
  • Issues bills and invoices that are difficult (at best) to understand.
  • Is prone to billing inaccuracies that somehow always seem to benefit them.

Bottom line is that this industry thrives and profits on chaos!  Our efforts on behalf of our clients have helped them optimize service levels and mange down the recurring cost of technology by as much as 43% annually.

Through our Telecom Management Program (TMP), we take the responsibility for procuring, implementing and managing your services while keeping a market watch for any new service or program that could be appropriate as the market and your environment changes.

Our fully outsourced TMP service allows you, through one of our resources that will be dedicated to you, to:

  • Free up management and staff time to better focus on more mission critical activities.
  • Be confident that the services you have in place are appropriate to address your business objectives.
  • Fully understand what you are being charged for explained in plain English, no jargon, and how it relates to your day-to-day operation.
  • Be assured by an independent resource that your costs are reasonable and within the proper range for your industry segment.
  • Receive accurate monthly technical and financial performance reports complete with management dashboards and back-up detail.
  • Have a non-biased resource available to you as needed without the need for additional dedicated staff resources.
  • Limit the internal invoice approval and payment activity to as little as one invoice per month.

We’ve been providing this service for years and know how to best match the telecom industries strengths to the need of our clients.  We’re so confident that we can deliver as promised, we offer a no obligation one-time assessment that will identify the opportunities specific to your environment.   If our assessment identifies a way for us to help you, our TMP service is priced in a way that traditionally sustains a high ROI over the near and long term.  Call or email to schedule this no obligation assessment that can often be completed in several days and be producing results for you in as little as 3 months.