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Administrative Support Services for IT/Technology Departments & Professionals

It’s an undeniable truth that we all live in a high-tech world nowadays. From smartphones to laptops, there is an enormous, ever-expanding range of technological devices that we commonly rely on to communicate with others and carry out various other everyday tasks. Inevitably, these high-tech trends revolutionized the business world as well. The world of paper, typewriters, and telephones gave way to MS Word documents, laptops, and cell phones. As a result of this shift, many businesses built a dedicated department for handling the vast array of computer equipment and Internet-facing programs—that is, the IT department.

Maintaining a well-functioning IT department represents a considerable expense for any company. Many organizations—and by no means the most poorly managed ones—simply do not have the resources available to support an IT department that includes all the personnel and equipment required to ensure optimal business functions. This state of affairs often leads managers to order cutbacks, or simply ignore the problem and incur the penalties associated with neglecting it. Vital administrative tasks are often delayed significantly, much to the detriment of the company’s bottom line. There is, however, another option—outsourcing. By contracting a reliable third-party organization to handle certain administrative duties, many organizations have found an agreeable solution to their problem, cutting expenses without losing significant tech-related capabilities.

Even so, a lot of business owners are reluctant to outsource these IT functions. After all, isn’t it better to keep everything in-house, where tasks can be more easily managed? Wouldn’t a third-party organization simply make matters unduly complicated? These are reasonable misgivings, but, as we will see, Fortune Consulting can provide numerous benefits to businesses struggling to manage administrative tasks. The simple fact is that these kinds of administrative support services are in growing demand in the corporate sector. Let’s explore the world of outsourced IT and administrative support in greater detail.

The Problem

Any IT/Technology Director or Manager understands that getting the department ready to handle the various high-tech challenges that must be addressed is never a one-and-done event. It’s vastly important to keep pace with the shifts and improvements in the world of technology. Software must be updated, security patches must be applied, parameter defenses must be carefully fine-tuned. IT professionals in charge of these matters often face the seemingly impossible task of managing an array of internal and external pressures in real time while meeting the organization’s continued service demands. The IT manager frequently has to cope with a number of conflicting challenges, such as increased administrative burdens, limited (and often shrinking) staff resources, or a combination of the two.

What do we refer to when we talk about the administrative demands that IT professionals so often encounter on the job? These can take a variety of forms. Budget development, tracking, and reporting; invoice validation, processing, and issue resolution; vendor/contract/SLA management; inventory documentation and management; and internal cost allocation—these are just a few administrative tasks that must be contended with. All of these functions can eat up valuable bandwidth and personnel time. Overwhelmed managers frequently fail to grasp how much money the company is wasting on unnecessary expenses.

In many cases, overburdened IT managers simply delay carrying out some of these functions as long as possible, hoping to get to them when time permits. The problem with this approach is that not everything can be postponed to a more convenient date—certain tasks must be attended to in real time; if they aren’t, then the expenses associated with them will likely get out of hand. Furthermore, the burden of juggling all of these administrative tasks can damage the ability of the team to focus on the proper goals and objectives of the organization.

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The Solution

It should be clear by now why so many IT managers and professionals have trouble keeping pace with the many administrative demands linked to their positions. Luckily, outsourcing these functions can solve a lot of problems. That’s what Fortune Consulting has done for an increasing number of organizations—we’ve given them the direction and planning tools they need to manage IT-related administrative tasks in a professional manner. As one of the most experienced and able project management consulting firms active today, we’ve lent our expertise to many organizations that needed help with developing and enforcing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), expanding their network solutions, managing vendor relationships, and many other issues.

Fortune Consulting carefully customizes its support offerings to accommodate the unique nuances of each organization—we do not deal in one-size-fits-all solutions. This is what sets us apart from other consulting firms that offer similar services, and it also explains why we have retained so many clients on a long-term basis. No matter how we tailor our consulting services, we always make sure that we effectively become an extension of the client’s team. This means that we take on a number of vital company responsibilities, in accordance with strict, measurable performance criteria. In essence, the client’s goals and objectives become our goals and objectives. We help clients manage their administrative burdens before these can interfere with company objectives, and our cost-effective consulting solutions help create a smooth working environment.

We can be trusted to provide the same level of personal and professional support to our clients, from locally based organizations with under a hundred employees to multinational enterprises with thousands on the payroll. We’ll develop a custom support model that will not only relieve your administrative burdens but enable you to enhance your departmental TCO by improving processes, boosting staff production, and securing other related soft savings.

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So how can an IT manager get started with Fortune Consulting? It’s simple—first, you should call us to schedule a review and analysis of your current administrative process flow. This will enable us to get an accurate overview of your relevant company processes. The real benefit that we provide is the enhanced efficiency and productivity of your IT department. There is no need to allow yourself to get tangled up with administrative hassles when you have an alternative within easy reach—contact us today.