Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery


Enterprise recovery planning identifies potential business risks, minimizes potential for occurrence and develops actions to respond and recover from a business interruption.

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Fortune Consulting Specializes in Telecom Protection Services

A “business continuity” plan protects businesses and their employees from unplanned events that can adversely affect their firm. Fortune Consulting takes the program one step further with optional telecom protection services that provides timely plan re-evaluation and program updates.

The Fortune Consulting business continuity team can benefit your organization by assessing your current level of preparedness for an unplanned event by:

  • Identifying risks and vulnerabilities to client’s business operations, and the potential impact of those issues
  • Reviewing systems, policies, staffing and recovery plans
  • Defining prevention, response, and recovery strategies for dealing with disaster scenarios
  • Developing preventive measures to minimize potential for disasters
  • Developing mitigation strategies to minimize the severity of an event to the firm
  • Developing and implementing recovery plans that provide detailed procedures to deal with emergency situations
  • Developing and implementing crisis management procedures for responding to emergency situations
  • Preparing and conducting awareness and training programs as part of plan rollout activities
  • Conducting recovery plan exercises serves as basis to document and create maintenance and update paths for the plan.

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