Telecom Capacity Assessment: Key to Future Productivity

New construction or relocating is a time of high stress for any organization. That’s why it is especially important to plan your telecom system in advance. Fortune Consulting has years of experience assuring that the creation or moving of large telecom systems go smoothly an efficiently. A thorough telecommunications capacity assessment will focus on all factors, the facility, surrounding area, existing resources, existing contracts and all other details. As a result of such an assessment, you will much better able to assure that the system that you build or move will be suitable for your current needs and appropriate for future expansion.Corporate Telecom Capability Assessments & Solutions

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Fortune Consulting Provides Strategic Telecom Solutions

Moving, growing or downsizing a network is a delicate job and requires skill, knowledge and experience to do effectively. From initial concepts of your new infrastructure, Fortune Consulting works with your information systems people to provide an honest perspective on every phase of a network assessment, design and implementation. We provide the foundation you need to create or move a responsive, capable network solution.

Fortune Consulting can recommend equipment and even manage vendors as your project moves from concept into plan. Fortune Consulting will prepare all bid specifications and manage the bidding process for you. Our experienced telecom consultants will help you select the best contractors and equipment vendors to meet quality, capability and budget requirements. Once the project has been awarded we will even manage the entire project, negotiating with and managing vendors.

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