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Buying or Replacing Your Phone System? Time to Contact a Telecom Consultant!

It can be a challenge and very confusing – hardware based, VoIP, cloud, wireless only, all different in capability, functionality and cost. Because there are so many choices, you need to make sure that the system is designed properly to meet your needs today and in the future. Accurately predicting what the future will bring in your organization is difficult enough without trying to match that need against the ongoing changes in technology. The best way to achieve the objective of getting what works best for you is to hire an experienced, independent telecom consultant who is well versed in assessing the need, evaluating the alternatives, procuring the system, managing telecom contract negotiations and implementing the most appropriate solution. Being independent allows us to focus on what’s right for you without any hidden agendas. This is a cornerstone of our practice, which is a significant attribute when selecting a telecom consultant.

Fortune Consulting has Helped Hundreds of Companies Install Business Phone Systems

Telecom Carrier Service Contracts & Installation
Purchasing and installing a phone system means making a lot of important telecom cost management decisions that need to be based on fact, not guesswork. What features do you need today? What special needs do you have? Can you simply expand your old system or should you replace old technology from the ground up? How does wireless, VoIP and cloud fit in or replace what you have? How do you know which supplier will do the best job? Most organizations don’t have the in-house talent to answer these questions and then follow through with the design, procurement and installation of a new phone system. And because of the large number of equipment choices and technical methodologies, it is unrealistic to look to suppliers for impartial advice.

Fortune Consulting: Experienced Telecom Consultants

Fortune Consulting has been helping its clients plan and install new large and small telecom systems for decades. A track record such as this can only be accomplished by employing and retaining the appropriate talent and experience. Fortune has done this and our consultants each have over 20 years of industry experience. As a result, Fortune Consulting knows how to analyze your organization to measure your needs today and in the future. Our analysis process follows a tried and true series of steps that help assure success. This process includes, but is not limited to the following service that can be provided in total or on an as needed basis:

•  Conduct stake holder interviews to accurately determine and document expectations and future direction
•  Perform system inventories to establish baselines that can be used to determine alternatives
•  Identify opportunities for service/system optimizations
•  Develop and manage the request for proposal (RFP) process for organizations that require this level of support
•  Evaluate vendor proposals and offer a balanced technical and financially based recommendations
•  Facilitate telecom contract negotiations
•  Handle key sheet development and management
•  Implement management and day 1/2 triage support

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