Two things are necessary to get your contract done right; knowledge of what’s going on across the industry and knowing what you need, not what the supplier is pushing. Getting one or both of these wrong can result in not only financial but service level and support issues over the term of the contract. Fortune know how to quantify and qualify both, something only an independent telecom consultant can get right for you, not an underlying service provider. Fortune is not an agent for anyone and focuses on only getting what’s right for our Clients.Telecom Contract Negotiations & Consultation

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Why Hire Fortune for Telecom Contract Negotiations?

Because Fortune negotiates telecom contracts daily (rather than one every one, two, or three years), we know the benchmark pricing, which is a tremendous advantage to you when it comes to negotiating price. We also know how to take advantage of every possible corporate discount for you. As members of various industry forums and supplier consultant liaison programs we are aware of the latest trends and discount programs. But is it all about price? Not really.

What is Really Important?

Keeping your services up and getting support when you need it. All service providers, some more than others, are cutting back on both and your only protection against deteriorating service is a solid contract with teeth that incent the supplier to perform. Whether it be uptime, service delivery or other guarantees necessary for you to effectively conduct your business, they are all negotiable and we have the experience necessary to get the right language in your contract. Even “boiler plate” contracts can be modified to include service level guarantees, not objectives, and Fortune does this as a normal course of support for our clients.

Bottom Line – Negotiating a technology contracts can be a complicated and time consuming effort unless you do it regularly. This is what Fortune does and we do it quickly, professionally and at a level that results in a deliverable that is as near executable as possible. We work closely with our client’s technical and legal team to assure all internal nuances are identified before proceeding. In Fortunes’ world, client satisfaction trumps all.

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