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DON’T GET BLINDSIDED – wireless expense management requires real time vigilance!

Without proper planning and administrative controls, corporate wireless deployment, tracking and plan management can become a “black hole” of soaring expenses and holes in your business process. That’s why it is important to choose an experienced wireless telecom consultant to help you successfully integrate wireless services into your organization in a manner that works for you now and as your requirements and services and plans evolve.Corporate Telecom Wireless Expense Management

We’re the Wireless Telecom Consultant Who Can Help

Fortune Consulting has the expertise and experience to help you determine what you really need to make your organization more effective and to strike the best balance between service and cost with your preferred service provider. That’s our strength.

Selecting, implementing and managing the right corporate wireless environment requires a lot of analysis to get it right. What features and applications are needed? Do we need custom apps? How do you get beyond the marketing noise to determine which supplier will be most appropriate for you?

Because wireless has become such an important and fast moving technology with faster moving service providers and marketing strategies, it could be difficult to manage through the fog and identify what’s right for you and your organization. Unless you have the time to continually watch the trends and lock on only those that is important for you, why not consider outsourcing vendor management to a subject matter expert who is not only experienced and knowledgeable but also totally impartial and unattached to any service provider(s).

Fortune Consulting is just that, a firm with wireless telecom consultants who have experience in service availability, application (basic and custom) and plan optimization with proven results in various business sectors where wireless service has become and is a vital business tool.

Fortune helps clients evaluate the need, determine the best wireless technology fit based on service levels and contract favorability. Each organization is different and as a result the supplier notion of one size fits all isn’t valid. Relying on the supplier to figure out what’s good for you can result in a less than optional agreement/contract, poor service levels and runaway costs.

Internally, your ability to develop solid wireless administrative practices/policies, track and manage inventories, and accurately track, manage and implement the latest wireless service plans will allow you to confirm your investment in this technology is sound and producing a strong ROI. Even if you believe that you’ve negotiated good supplier contracts, a lack of these internal controls can quickly result in chaos.

Fortune Consulting has the industry knowledge, plus proven practices and procedures to help you find, implement and manage the most appropriate solution to your wireless environment, regardless of its size, applications(s), contract status and ever changing internal requirements.

Free Corporate Wireless Assessment

If you are concerned about whether you are taking full advantage of wireless technology with the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your organization, contact us. We will provide a high level analysis of your current environment and make wireless expense management suggestions for improvement as appropriate. Contact us online to discuss outsourcing vendor management and/or wireless expense management or call toll-free 888-692-5111, or email