Telecom Contract Negotiation and Management Still Matters

Look familiar? If you’re responsible for making sure your telecom costs are under control and being managed properly, it probably does. But, unless you’re used to dealing with telecom contracts and the nuances associated with the wide verity of services, service level agreements, contractual commitment requirements and associated penalties and how to avoid them, you can be overwhelmed. When sitting across the negotiating table from a telecom carrier, you are at a distinct disadvantage unless an experienced telecom contract negotiation expert represents you. Plus, many companies are finding the cost of services is spiraling out of control despite the promises of lower costs associated with service migrations that were specifically promised.

So, what’s the solution? Fortune Consulting is an independent provider of telecom support services. This independence allows us to focus on the services and contract structure that is most beneficial to you, not any service provider.

Fortune Consulting has Negotiated Hundreds of Telecom Contracts

Fortune Consulting has been serving as a telecom consultant since 1994 and has a wide range of experience with traditional wireline, wireless and newer cloud based service providers. Our staff keeps up to date on all major carriers’ rates as well as federal and state regulations and tariffs that can still affect your ability to negotiate certain legacy services. Staying close to this ever changing climate is difficult for anyone who doesn’t do it all the time. Fortunately, we do.

Starting with the establishment of your specific service baseline, we have the capability to not only negotiate the best contract terms but to also help in the design stages of contracting that can significantly affect the final product and bottom line. Because of our industry and technological expertise, Fortune Consulting is able to look at the big picture to quantify all service issues, eliminate waste and redundancies, and determine the precise service and maintenance bundle that will provide the most appropriate service levels, the lowest cost and highest ROI.

Telecom Contract Negotiation and Management Still Matters

If you have multiple telecom contracts or are in the process of negotiation or renegotiation, or if you just would like to know how you are doing, contact our telecom consultants for a complimentary high level evaluation, call toll-free at 888-692-5111, or email