Expense Reduction Consultants Can Now Save You More

For more than 20 years, Fortune Consulting has excelled in telecom expense management – and we still do. But, to save companies even more money, we’ve expanded our services to also include:

  • Credit card audit services
  • Utility bill auditing
  • Employee benefits consulting
  • Waste management audit
  • Workers compensation audit

We can also help you to reduce shipping costs and much more! Discover specifics about our expense reduction services. Questions? Ready to get started? Contact us online or call 888-692-5111 today.

Credit Card Audit Services

Twice a year – April and October – credit card fees are reissued. And, it’s seldom straightforward, with hundreds of intercharge rates that vary. They vary by transaction amount, by card brand, by card type. Let us guide the process to reduce your payment processing expenses.

Utility Bill Auditing

Just like credit card processing, utility charges are also complicated. Overcharges aren’t uncommon, whether it’s an error in calculation or for services you don’t even have. Hidden costs exist, too, and can be hard to detect. That’s why we’re offering utility bill auditing, where we analyze bills – gas, electric, water and sewer – to look for errors and discrepancies.

Did you know that, in many states, electric costs can be reduced by as much as 20 percent by simply changing suppliers? Let us be your electric energy auction consultants! The same is true with gas bills. Let us save you money.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Let us help you set up a tax-savings-funded plan that will help employees save significantly on out-of-pocket medical expenses. An average family of four can be reimbursed up to 75% on this zero-cost plan (zero cost for the employees AND for the company).

Waste Management Audit

Some companies pay thousands of dollars too much on their waste services – and you don’t want to be that company. Let us look for cost savings opportunities and address hidden overcharges. There is even potential for refunds or credits.

Workers Compensation Audit

A full 70% of companies overpay on workers compensation insurance and it can be quite confusing to navigate the more than 700 approved classification codes. To add to the challenge, states differ in their interpretations of these codes. So let us provide an insurance audit to uncover overpayments. We may even be able to recover past overpayments!

Ready to Reduce Shipping Costs?

Our data-driven process uncovers extra shipping costs and identifies recovery strategies. Why wait to save?

Contact us online for your expense reduction services or call 888-692-5111 today.