The cold reality of Internet security is, “there is no such thing as complete protection.” The growth of e-business combined with the work of cyber hackers, losses resulting from virus infections and defaced websites illustrate the vulnerabilities of even the best-protected portals.

Fortune Consulting Can Help Protect Your Network: Telecom Security Services

Amplified by the media and reinforced through our own experiences, businesses are beginning to understand the financial and competitive impacts from inadequate system safeguards.

Fortune Consulting network security consultants provide a wide-range of services to assure senior management of the most up-to-date systems and methods to protect vital information, and shelter the interest of their customers and shareholders.

A successful Information Security Policy communicates to an organization that information is a valuable corporate asset and that everyone is responsible and accountable for protecting it. The security policy is a visible representation of security considerations, requirements, priorities, assumptions and responsibilities.

Fortune Consulting Can Help Reduce Fraud in your Network: Telecom Fraud Management

Fortune Consulting can create a customized information security policy for your organization that includes the following:

  • A cost benefit analysis of security measures to manage risk and protect corporate assets
  • Assurance against policy inconsistencies while defining appropriate behavior for users and administrators and clarify organizational objectives
  • Create preparedness for dealing with incidents and the implementation of countermeasures if required.
  • Limit liability resulting from unauthorized and potentially unlawful disclosure of information.

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