Telecom Best Practices: Operational Methods and Procedures

Keeping a smooth running IT/telecom operation is a challenge and managing one can seem like an uninterrupted series of distractions and emergencies. Whether you are a one person IT department or a large enterprise help desk, the goal of providing exceptional end user support can be enhanced if you follow telecom best practices and manage by a clearly defined set of operational methods and procedures.

As defined by; a method is a means or manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something. Orderly arrangement of parts or steps to accomplish an end. The procedures and techniques characteristic of a particular discipline or field of knowledge.Corporate Telecom Operational Procedures Solutions

Fortune has helped many organization develop, implement and tweak operational methods and procedures that range from senior management overviews to step by step “how to” procedures for use by hands on help desk and technical support teams.

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Fortune Consulting Can Help You Develop or Streamline Your Telecom Best Practices

Everyone knows that IT infrastructures are ever-changing as necessary to serve the information storage and delivery needs of any specific organization. Fortune Consulting specializes in helping large and small IT departments determine what’s needed to effectively manage the “behind the scenes” activities necessary to maintain exceptionally high service levels. In order to do this properly one needs to at least:

Best Practices for Telecom Corporate Solutions

  1. 1) Clearly define the service delivery expectations of the organization
  2. 2) Identify and document the capabilities of the infrastructure
  3. 3) Establish the internal staff capabilities
  4. 4) Perform a skill mapping exercise to determine whether the resident team is capable of delivering as necessary
  5. 5) Evaluate external support resources available to support the team in delivering the desired service levels

Only after this baseline is established can a proper outline of the necessary methods and procedures be developed. Once the outline is developed then the specifics of each of your telecom business practices can be developed.

Fortune Consulting can help you focus your effort to make your organization operate more effectively and limit the stress and distraction that typically occur in environments where formal processes aren’t employed.

Our telecom consultants are experienced in helping even the best of IT executives and managers improve their operational practices. Our goal is to help you achieve and become a “best in class” provider of IT support services.

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