Fortune Consulting & Specialized Telecom Consulting Projects

While many of Fortune Consulting’s services are aimed at improving network capacity and managing costs, we also provide specialized telecom consulting  services to help our clients sell more products and develop new markets.Corporate & Government Telecom Project Consultation

Fortune Consulting Develops Government Telecom Project Definition Statements

Fortune works for governments and government agencies. Often these governments are interested in industrial development and are looking for help to attract investment into the telecom infrastructure of a particular country. A good example is the preparation of a project definition statements as requested by The International Trade Association. A well researched project definition statement can define a project mission and open a vast new market.

An eastern bloc country, impressed by Fortune Consulting’s track record and expertise asked that we prepare a project definition statement written, to provide information to the government indicating whether or not investing in their national telecom would result in a viable opportunity for the U.S. to sell goods into that particular country.

This is an extremely specialized  government telecom project but is an indication of the expertise and depth of knowledge that Fortune brings to all consulting assignments.

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