Business Telecom Solutions: Moving to Internet only, VoIP or Cloud Services?

Everyone seems to be making the move – or at least evaluating whether or not to make the move – and, like it or not, you will probably end up doing it sometime in the future. It’s somewhat inevitable as the service providers are moving further and further away for the more traditional services and support structures. This move can mean more flexibility to you but can also result in your needing to become more involved in the engineering and ongoing support of the service.

While the financial benefits of making such a move often seems to be the motivation, the service level and engineering tradeoffs can be difficult to evaluate and it can be hard to determine how these trade-offs could impact the potential upside.

Yes, the benefits of aggregating your services through one “pipe” and one supplier can be very appealing and, if you have a fully robust architecture, it makes sense. Diversity and resilience is key to being able to make the move a technical and financial success.

Fortune Consulting: the Telecom Consultants Who Can Make the Transition

Fortune Consulting has been helping clients evaluate and install new technologies since 1994. Fortune Consulting gets results because we independently evaluate new technology, regardless of supplier, based upon its capability, stability and ability to deliver what you need, not just marketing hype or what they think you need.

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