Your day-to-day involvement in the ever changing demands of the organization along with the myriad of unanticipated interruptions probably leaves little time for you to deliver on the more lofty goals of you and your management. Achieving these goals and keeping the networks humming like a Swiss watch directly affect your success and ability to advance financially and organizationally. Fortune can help you achieve success in a number of ways; contact us online now to have a discussion about your telecom consulting needs. Or call 888-692-5111 or email today.

Tactical telecom consulting support

Fortune can quickly be engaged to help resolve one time and recurring technical issues. Our initial tactical support typically consists of us:

  • evaluating/determining the root cause
  • developing resolution scenarios
  • creating implementation strategies
  • creating fall back strategies.

Once our recommendations are accepted by the client, we work with the appropriate internal and external resources to schedule implementation of the fix, track performance of the fix and document our activity and results for delivery to the client. Tactical support is typically provided by Fortune under two support models: per incident or on-going retainer.

Strategic telecom consulting support

In this area Fortune is expert in helping you prioritize, organize and plan execution of all the higher level projects on your plate. Working with you, your primary stakeholders and management, as appropriate, we will develop a deliverable plan in a format that can be easily tracked and reported to management. Fortune’s activities in this area are focused and unaffected by other internal distractions. In the strategic mode, Fortune works with you to refine and focus your organizational objectives offering alternative approaches and possible technical solutions only if warranted. Strategic support is typically provided by Fortune as a one-time baselining activity followed by ongoing updates as required by the client. Fortune can help manage and track implementation of all strategic initiatives or provide periodic (quarterly, bi-annually or annually) strategic plan updates.

Operational telecom consulting support

Fortune can help you avoid the distractions and loss of business that can typically result when a critical IT/technology component failure decides to occur. Rather than panic and waste your time calling unresponsive help desks or dealing with techies once they are on site, we can do it for you. By allowing us to take on the administrative burden of managing your IT/technology infrastructure you can get out of the technology business and focus on running your business. Fortune’s operational support program is specifically designed to help smaller entities that don’t quite have the IT/technology presence to warrant a full time resource but do need timely and professional IT/technology support.  Our operational support services provide simplified resource management at a price point that keeps the cost of supporting IT/technology in line and appropriate for the needs of your business.

Financial telecom consulting support

Typically a follow-on engagement to our telecom audit services, clients often retain Fortune to help them develop/track budgets, negotiate/re-negotiate supplier contracts, review, track, process and even pay invoices. This all-encompassing menu of services can help relive you of a variety of time consuming administrative activities. In addition, our broad package of telecom network management reporting tools allow you to have facts and figures available to you at a moment’s notice for those times when management needs it and is not happy to wait until you can get it. This service is normally provided on a retainer basis with pricing variable based on the value of the services under Fortune’s management.

This is just a sampling of what we have been doing for clients with a high degree of success since 1994. We pride ourselves on being able to work with IT teams, executives and managers to:

  • Develop and document business needs/demand sets
  • Independently evaluate alternative technologies (overall designs, equipment, network and support)
  • Audit and assess existing technology and its business and financial effectiveness
  • Establish and implement tactical plans to address:
    • Chronic problem resolution
    • Contract negotiation/renegotiation
    • Invoice and billing issues
  • Develop and track strategic/long term technology plans
  • Accurately support on-going expense management, budget planning/tracking and cost allocation activity
  • Develop, implement and support outsourced staffing solutions

Let Fortune develop the right support plan that fits your needs. Contact us online for all of your telecom network management needs or call 888-692-5111 or email today!