VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a technology that enables you to use your Internet connection to carry your phone service. VoIP technology is new and important because it holds the promise of significant savings and greater efficiency.

The ability to send phone calls over data networks was once looked upon as a futuristic dream, but it is fast becoming the hottest telecom technology. Transporting voice services over an existing data network can reduce costs significantly and streamline operations by enabling one infrastructure to handle voice, data, and integrated services. The emergence of VoIP means that the slow expensive circuit switching methods of the past will give way forever to a future of fast, efficient packet switching networks equally capable of handling voice or data.

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Hard Questions about VoIP

VoIP is an exciting development. But is VoIP the right choice for you now? Is VoIP voice quality Get clarity with a VoIP needs assessmentgood enough? Is service reliable? If you switch to VoIP, how much can you really expect to save? What are the most serious potential problems with VoIP? To get the answers to these and other important questions, you should get the opinion of a qualified telecom consultant experienced in VoIP.

Potential Problems with VoIP?

While the future benefits are inevitable, there are still reasons to exercise caution before migrating to VoIP telephony.

Voice quality, while improving, is still not up to the standards of voice telephony. And there’s another and more important reason to move with caution: data network failures are more common than voice network failures and can take longer to fix. It is one thing to lose your email for a few hours, but it can be a disaster to lose phone service for that long.

How a VoIP Consultant Can Help

The questions about if, when and how to introduce VoIP to your organization are very specific. The answers depend on your current network and your plans for the future. An experienced telecom consultant will analyze your current resources, evaluate your choices and make specific recommendations. Another reason why a consultant is so important is because there are so many VoIP vendors offering solutions. To make the best decision you should have the opinion of an unbiased expert who is representing your best interest. Plus, we can also provide a VoIP security assessment.


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