End of year financial planning tips by telecom consultants

End of year financial planning tips by telecom consultants

Telecom Consultants Share End of Year Planning Tips

Ready to have a productive and profitable 2017? It starts with end of year planning in 2016 – and here are tips.

Urgent Versus Important Resist the temptation to let the urgent overtake the important. Long-term planning is decisive, research verifies, if you want to secure positive outcomes for your business in 2017. Pull out your initial business plan, and revise needs and goals to reflect market trends and opportunities so you can groom your growth for the months ahead.

Ask for Feedback You can’t plan your route to success if you aren’t fully aware of your present location. Seek out the opinions of colleagues, board members and, most of all, customers to glean where your strengths and weaknesses are. This information is invaluable and can help you set a powerful agenda so your business can blaze a trail in the 2017 market.

Stop Procrastinating and Enhance Your Technology Footprint Outdated technology undermines expeditious service to customers and leaves your staff feeling frustrated with systems that are ineffectual. This message is resoundingly clear throughout the world of business. Accordingly, a whopping 85% of IT executives identified beefing up telecom practices as a top priority for the New Year.

Refresh Your Social Media Strategies Stop thinking about it and just do it! The longer you delay in optimizing your social media platform, the more business you are losing. If you need help with planning, take the time to find someone to walk you through a plan to utilize multiple social media avenues to take your business to the next level. New customers are looking for you.

Rethink Cash Flow Changes in this area can have a remarkably positive effect. Should you consider changing your prices? Are there issues with suppliers or vendors that ought to be addressed? Ignoring these concerns can savage your bottom line. Be open to new service providers and give yourself permission to negotiate rather than accept a deal that isn’t working for your business. Talk with your billing department about auditing for inaccuracies and overcharging by service providers. Taking the time to diligently manage the cash you have will mean more resources available to grow your business in the coming year.

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